Explore the future of active learning in systematic reviewing

The ASReview Research Team continuously explores and investigates new ways to improve ASReview through simulation studies, use-cases, and more. The team doesn’t do this all alone, but often together with other organizations, research groups, and developers. The findings are published in peer-reviewed journals like Nature Machine Intelligence. By publishing data, scripts and underlying code, all work becomes fully transparent too.

The ASReview project was initiated at Utrecht University by Prof. dr Rens van de Schoot, dr. Daniel Oberski and Prof. dr. Lars Tummers in 2018. The award winning project has now grown into a full multidisciplinary research team that works hand in hand with the ASReview community.

Scientist ELAS, mascotte of ASReview

Research Principles

The team works according to the Open Science principles and invests in an inclusive community that contributes to the project. In short, research is conducted according to the following key principles

  1. Research should be open and accessible for everyone where possible.
  2. Research output should be FAIR (Finable Accessible Interoperable and Reusable) where possible.
  3. Research should be assessed according to the recommendations of DORA.

See for more information:

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Research Projects and Output

Research Partners

Research partner ASReview: Utrecht University
Research partner ASReview: NWO
Research partner OCRE ASReview
Research partner ASReview: EFSA
Research partner ASReview: KNMP
Research partner ASReview: KI-FMS
Research partner ASReview: DJI
Research partner ASReview: Centre for Urban Mental Health
Research partner ASReview: UvA
Research partner ASReview: AI department from Radboud University
Research partner ASReview: Nationaal Politielab AI - Utrecht
Research partner ASReview: Kinderformularium
Research partner ASReview: Open Evidence