CORD-19 Database

The CORD-19 database is available in ASReview and can be used to search for relevant Corona-related publication using active learning. The Cord-19 database is available via a plugin in ASReview.

Want to know how this extension to the software was created? Take a look at the code:


Van de Schoot, Rens, De Bruin, Jonathan, Schram, Raoul, Zahedi, Parisa, De Boer, Jan, Weijdema, Felix, Kramer, Bianca, Huijts, Martijn, Ferdinands, Gerbrich, Harkema, Albert, Fang, Qixiang, & Oberski, Daniel. (2020). Extension for COVID-19 related datasets in ASReview. Zenodo.


More information on the dataset itself can be found here:


Wang, L. L., Lo, K., Chandrasekhar, Y., Reas, R., Yang, J., Eide, D., … & Merrill, W. (2020). CORD-19: The COVID-19 Open Research Dataset. arXiv 2020. arXiv preprint arXiv:2004.10706.

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