Simulation Study on Risk Analysis Documents

The research team of ASReview conducted a simulation study on risk analysis documents to evaluate the performance of Active Learning to conduct systematic reviews for the Royal Dutch Pharmacists Association (Koninklijke Nederlandse Maatschappij ter bevordering der Pharmacie, KNMP in Dutch).

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Research partner ASReview: KNMP

The research questions

The project aims to answer three research questions:

  1. How much time can be saved by using active learning on different risk analysis documents of the Medicine Information Centre (Geneesmiddel Informatie Centrum, GIC in Dutch)?
  2. Is it useful to include the relevant papers from the previous studies as prior information in ASReview when updating an existing risk analysis document?
  3. Is it useful to include relevant papers from a previous risk analysis document within a certain group of medication as prior information in ASReview for a different risk analysis document from the same group?

Systematic Review Data

Within the OSF repository you can find the steps and script that produced the datasets which were used for simulation studies. It also details which datasets were used to answer specific research questions as well.

Gipmans, S., Ferdinands, G., van den Brand, S. A. G. E., van de Schoot, R., & Cheung, K.-C. (2021, September 21). Systematic Review Data for Risk Analysis Documents Medicine Information Centre from the Royal Dutch Pharmacists Association. OSF. doi: 10.17605/OSF.IO/F7MEV

Systematic Review Data – OSF

Scripts to perform the simulation studies

The actual simulation studies were run using the scripts stored in this repository.


Ferdinands, Gerbrich, De Bruin, Jonathan, van den Brand, Sofie, Cheung, Ka-Chun, Gipmans, Suzan, & Van de Schoot, Rens. (2021). Scripts for simulation report on risk analyses of the KNMP (v1.0). Zenodo. doi: 10.5281/zenodo.5771612

Simulation scripts – GitHub

Simulation Output

After running the pre-processing and simulation scripts you obtain the output, the results of the study. Take a look at the repository below!


Ferdinands, G., Gipmans, S., van den Brand, S. A. G. E., de Bruin, J., Cheung, K.-C., & van de Schoot, R. (2021, September 15). Results for Simulations of Risk Analysis Documents Medicine Information Centre from the Royal Dutch Pharmacists Association. OSF.  doi: 10.17605/OSF.IO/KCQHZ

Simulation Output – OSF