Systematic reviews performed within the UU and UMC Utrecht

This dataset contains an overview of 117 systematic reviews published by corresponding authors affiliated to Utrecht University (UU) or UMC Utrecht in 2020. Within the dataset you can find additional information on:


  • Number of screened titles
  • Number of included titles after title-abstract screening
  • Number of included titles after full text screening
  • Number of included titles in published systematic review
  • Availability of a reproducible search query as mentioned in the paper
  • Availability of a dataset of screened papers as mentioned in the paper.


Jan de Boer, Laura Hofstee, Sybren Hindriks, & Rens van de Schoot. (2021). Systematic Reviews at Utrecht University and UMC Utrecht 2020 (1.0) [Data set]. Zenodo.

Systematic reviews at UU and UMC
Figure depicting the number of records that were screened and the percentage of relevant records across systematic reviews performed at the UU and UMC Utrecht.
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