Learn all you need to know to speed up your systematic review!

Even though the topic of machine learning and AI in systematic reviewing can be quite advanced, the workshops and courses clearly explain how this works. Because the ASReview Academy team has years of experience in supporting researchers from various disciplines, we were able to craft tailored workshops to the attendees’ needs, interests, and questions. This makes this Academy unique.

At ASReview Academy, we work with small groups of participants. This gives you the ability to learn fast and ask all of your questions about systematic reviewing, ASReview, and machine learning. Ultimately, the goal of ASReview-Academy is not only for the researcher to be able to work with the software, but also to understand why and how it works: Turning a black box into a transparent one!

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Users Meeting

The ASReview Users Meeting aims to bring together people who use one of the many subprojects within the ASReview universe. The goal is to meet each other, share information, learn about new developments and discuss solutions to typical problems. This event is for users, researchers, contributors, developers, and maintainers. Every Users’ Meeting will have some keynote speakers, presentations about cool features and new developments, showcases by users, and we have time for discussing typical problems and solutions of users, who can receive instant feedback from the audience. Also, we will organize pre-conference workshops introducing the new UI of version 1.0, including many new cool features.

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Micro-credit course

Unlock the power of AI-aided systematic reviews and transform your organization’s research process with our hands-on, expert-led course. Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be awarded a micro-credential qualification of 84 hours.  Also, you will receive an EduBadge on LinkedIn which is also recorded in a national registry, allowing learners to accumulate and potentially stack credentials toward a more comprehensive continuing education package.

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Summer School

This 5-day course consists of both lectures and do-it-yourself computer labs. The lectures will be provided by a multidisciplinary team of experts from different fields: statistics, systematic reviewing, data science, open science, bibliometrics, and transparent software engineering. For the computer sessions, we have a team ready to help you. Bring your research question to the course, learn how to search the meta-data, and start screening!

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In-House Training

Do you want us to organize a presentation, a workshop, or a multi-day course? Contact us, and we will develop something for your specific plans. Note that we will charge fixed hourly fees for preparation and teaching hours.