Introducing the Noisy Label Filter (NLF) procedure in systematic reviews

The ASReview team developed a procedure to overcome replication issues in creating a dataset for simulation studies to evaluate the performance of active learning models! In this blog post, we explain this procedure, called the “Noisy Label Filter (NLF) Procedure”. Background: Labelled Data needed for a Simulation Study In an ASReview simulation study, you can…

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Work together with ASReview

Seven ways to integrate ASReview in your systematic review workflow

Seven ways to integrate ASReview in your systematic review workflow Systematic reviewing using software implementing Active Learning (AL) is relatively new. Many users (and reviewers) have to get familiar with the many different ways how AL can be used in practice. In this blog post, we discuss seven ways meant to inspire users. Use ASReview…

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Active Learning Explained

Active Learning Explained The rapidly evolving field of artificial intelligence (AI) has allowed the development of AI-aided pipelines that assist in finding relevant texts for such search tasks[1]. A well-established approach to increasing the efficiency of screening large amounts of textual data is screening prioritization[2, 3] with active learning[4]. Screening prioritization re-arranges the records to…

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The Zen of Elas

the Zen of Elas

The Zen of Elas Elas is the Mascotte of ASReview and your Electronic Learning Assistant who will guide you through the interactive process of making decisions using Artificial Intelligence in ASReview. Elas comes with some essential principles: Humans are the Oracle The interaction between humans and machines will take us a significant leap forward. We…

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Five ways to get involved in ASReview

Five ways to get involved in ASReview ASReview LAB is open and free (Libre) software, maintained and developed by the ASReview team and its community, improving the software with input from its users.  Below we introduce you to the world of open source and, in particular, the combination of open-source and research. Open Source and…

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Connecting RIS import to export functionalities

What’s new in v0.19? Connecting RIS import to export functionalities Download ASReview LAB 0.19Update to ASReview LAB 0.19 ASReview 0.19 allows for full circle import and export in RIS format from and to reference managers, let’s get ready for release 1.0.   Released December 20th, 2021 Import to Export: RIS files Export the library from…

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Meet the new ASReview Maintainer: Yongchao Ma

Meet Front-End Developer and ASReview Maintainer Yongchao Ma As a user of ASReview, you are probably most familiar with the user interface: the web browser page you use when actually screening your titles and abstracts. The magic behind this user interface is to a large extent created by Yongchao (Terry) Ma. In this blogpost you…

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UPDATED: ASReview Hackathon for Follow the Money

This event has passed The winners of the hackathon were: Data pre-processing: Teamwork by: Raymon van Dinter, Lukas Schubotz and Stef van Buuren Visualization: Bianca Kramer Smart-screening: Teamwork by: Evi Hendrikx and Matthew van der Meer Curious to see all that was created during the hackathon? UPDATE: ASReview Hackathon for Follow the Money What a…

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What’s new in release 0.18?

More models more options, available now! Version 0.18 slowly opens ways to the soon to be released version 1.0.   Released 11-10-21 Download ASReview LAB 0.18Update to ASReview LAB 0.18 Stop Simulations Sooner Save computation time and energy by ending a simulation when all relevant documents have been found already. More efficient use of computational…

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Simulation Mode Class 101

Simulation Mode Class 101 Have you ever done a systematic review manually, but wondered how much work you could have saved if you had used active learning instead? With simulation mode you can satisfy your curiosity with ease. Even more so, it can give you insight into ‘odd’ relevant records or help you decide on…

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ODISSEI collaboration with ASReview

ODISSEI and ASReview collaboration: start of ASReview Academy

ODISSEI and ASReview collaboration: start of ASReview Academy Through our partnership with ODISSEI, we’re very excited to announce the start of ASReview Academy. The place where you can learn all you need to know about using ASReview to speed up your systematic review! ODISSEI ODISSEI (Open Data Infrastructure for Social Science and Economic Innovations) is…

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ASReview LAB Class 101

ASReview LAB Class 101 Welcome to ASReview LAB class 101, an introduction to the most important aspects of ASReview LAB. This class serves as a mini-guide to understand what the software does, why it works, and how you can use it. The flowcharts below depict (part of) the processes surrounding ASReview LAB and its Electronic…

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