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The list of wanted features for ASReview is endless. How to add these? 

A team of dedicated researchers, engineers, and information specialists are working on the ASReview software. Research and development are very time-consuming and for the nice-to-have features of ASReview, we need your help! 

“ASReview is amazing. The team have worked hard to develop something that is well-constructed, useful, and will help generate knowledge faster than ever before. Best of all, this is a free program – which aligns strongly with my view on open and accessible science for all. If you are thinking of donating, please do so.”


“Your ASReview Lab is incredible and I’m certain will assist me with every literature review I conduct from here on. Thank you, your work is game-changing!”


“My 12 year-old son decided, instead of a birthday present, to donate the money to the research against COVID-19, so that one day he will be able to live like normal again.”


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Individual Donations and Badges

You can help not only by developing new features yourself or by improving manuals on Github, but also with a (small or large) financial contribution. We offer a Development Fund membership based on donations already starting at 5 Euros. As a reward, donors can get badges that show their support which can be used on your own website or on social media. From a silver level and higher you can opt your name to be shown on the ASReview donation website.

Corporate Donations

The corporate membership level is for organizations who want to support the open source development and as such contribute to the continuity and quality of the ASReview project. Sponsorship can be one-time or monthly donations and will be used to fund core development. Also, in-kind contributions or lease constructions are possible.

We will actively reach out to Corporate donators to present about ongoing developments and discuss potential new directions. In addition to this, corporate donors can get a prominent name and logo mention on the ASReview donation website and in presentations. If you are interested, contact Prof. dr. Rens van de Schoot.


Research partner ASReview: Utrecht University
ASReview donor: ODISSEI
Want to donate to ASReview?
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Want to donate to ASReview?
Want to donate to ASReview?
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* The following conditions apply:

  • We will keep names/logo’s for one year on the website.
  • The credit has to be your own name.
  • We reserve the right to not publish names and/or URLS, unconditionally. We do this for websites that do not align with our public benefit goals.
  • We will add ‘no follow’ tags to url’s.