Evaluating the Performance of Active Learning within Systematic Reviews

This systematic review focused on synthesizing information on studies that evaluated the performance of Active Learning compared to human reading.

Specifically, the goal was to create an overview of studies and or reports on simulation studies which investigate the benefit of Active Learning to accelerate systematic reviews within the screening of title and abstract phase compared to human screening.

More about this systematic review (methods and datasets) can be found on the OSF-page.


Van den Brand, S. A. G. E., & van de Schoot, R. (2021, September 17). A Systematic Review on Studies Evaluating the Performance of Active Learning Compared to Human Reading for Systematic Review Data. https://doi.org/10.17605/OSF.IO/T9HGM

Statistics of the systematic review on active learning performance in systematic reviews
Progress plot of the title and abstract screening. The number of relevant articles (in green) is shown compared to the number of irrelevant articles (in orange).