ASReview LAB

ASReview LAB is user-friendly software for exploring the future of AI in systematic reviews. The software implements an Oracle Mode, an Exploration Mode, and a Simulation Mode.

Use oracle mode to accelerate your systematic review, set up a project in 2 minutes and start screening. With exploration mode you can discover what the software can do for you, use an older systematic review and experience yourself how much time you could have saved. The simulation mode offers the opportunity to automatically reenact finished systematic reviews, great for research, finding out which models work best for a new dataset or simply to toy around with!


Van de Schoot, Rens, De Bruin, Jonathan, Schram, Raoul, Zahedi, Parisa, De Boer, Jan, Weijdema, Felix, Kramer, Bianca, Huijts, Martijn, Hoogerwerf, Maarten, Ferdinands, Gerbrich, Harkema, Albert, Willemsen, Joukje, Ma, Yongchao, Fang, Qixiang, Tummers, Lars, & Oberski, Daniel. (2021). ASReview: Active learning for systematic reviews. Zenodo. 10.5281/zenodo.3345592

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