The ASReview Team

Project leaders

ASReview is an open-source project coordinated by Rens van de Schoot (full Professor at the Department of Methodology & Statistics and ambassador of the focus area Applied Data Science at Utrecht University, The Netherlands), together with Jonathan de Bruin (Lead engineer of the ASReview project and working at the Information and Technology Services department at Utrecht University).


Advisory board

The advisory board consists of machine learning expert Daniel Oberski, associate professor at the department of Biostatistics at the Julius Center, University Medical Center Utrecht), full professor Lars Tummers (Professor of Public Management and Behavior at Utrecht University), Ayoub Bagheri (NLP-expert at Utrecht University), Bianca Kramer (Open Science expert at the Utrecht University library), Jan de Boer (Information specialist at the Utrecht university library), Felix Weijdema (Systematic review specialist at the Utrecht University library), and Martijn Huijts (UX-expert at the department Test and Quality Services at Utrecht University).



The artwork for the ASReview project is created by Joukje Willemsen.



Moreover, many early career researchers and software engineers contribute to the project, like researchers Gerbrich Ferdinands, Laura Hofstee, Yongchao Terry Ma, Sofie van den Brand, Sybren Hindriks, and Albert Harkema. See ASReview project members for an overview of the people involved in the project.



ASReview thanks the community for their contributions. A full list of code contributors can be found on the contributors’ page on Github.

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