Reproducibility and Data storage for Active Learning-Aided Systematic Reviews

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Seven ways to integrate ASReview in your systematic review workflow

Seven ways to integrate ASReview in your systematic review workflow Systematic reviewing using software implementing Active Learning (AL) is relatively new. Many users (and reviewers) have to get familiar with the many different ways how AL can be used in practice. In this blog post, we discuss seven ways meant to inspire users. Use ASReview…

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Active Learning Explained

Active Learning Explained The rapidly evolving field of artificial intelligence (AI) has allowed the development of AI-aided pipelines that assist in finding relevant texts for such search tasks[1]. A well-established approach to increasing the efficiency of screening large amounts of textual data is screening prioritization[2, 3] with active learning[4]. Screening prioritization re-arranges the records to…

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The Zen of Elas

the Zen of Elas

The Zen of Elas Elas is the Mascotte of ASReview and your Electronic Learning Assistant who will guide you through the interactive process of making decisions using Artificial Intelligence in ASReview. Elas comes with some essential principles: Humans are the Oracle The interaction between humans and machines will take us a significant leap forward. We…

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Interview in Fortune

Interview in Fortune In a time where a lot of research needs to be done as fast as possible, ASReview enables researchers to do exactly that. With the launch of the the covid19-extension, ASReview grasped international attention. Its impact was also discussed in an interview in Fortune magazine. See below for some excerpts of the…

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