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ASReview LAB is the user-friendly front-end which can be used to screen large amounts of textual data, like in the case of systematic reviewing. After downloading the software, initializing a project, uploading your data, and selecting a machine learning model, you can start screening the records while the active learning algorithm is ranking the unlabeled records in the back.


Below we highlight some features, but many more are described in the documentation.

Easy screening with ASReview and ELAS
Screening with ASReview LAB

Free, Open and Transparent

ASReview LAB is installed on your device locally. This ensures that nobody else has access to your data, except when you share it with others. Nice, isn’t it?

  • Free and open source
  • Local or server installation
  • Full control over your own data
  • Install via docker

Download now!

Up and running in 2 minutes

With the smart project setup features in ASReview LAB, you can start a new project in minutes.

  • Create as many projects as you want
  • Choose your own or an existing dataset
  • Select prior knowledge
  • Select your favorite active learning algorithm
Class 101
Setting up a new ASReview project
Software that works with ASReview

Connect with citation managers

ASReview is designed to connect with citation managers. Importing all your documents is a breeze. Even better, after you’re done screening, you can easily continue your work in your favorite citation manager.

  • Import .tsv, .csv, .ris or .xlsx files
  • Export .tsv, .csv, .ris or .xslx
  • Compatible with EndNote, Mendeley, Zotero and Refworks 
  • Compatible with Rayyan, Distiller, Covidence and so on
  • Compatible with Google Scholar and other search engines
Prepare Your DataCompatibility

Open Source Community

ASReview offers complete transparency and insight into how it all works.

  • Take a look under the hood of ASReview LAB
  • Follow and contribute to the development
  • Discussion forum
  • A-Z documentation

From the source code of the algorithms behind ASReview LAB to all the scripts behind the plug-ins, you can find it all on GitHub and read-the-docs.   

Community and code of ASReview can be found on GitHub
Use of darkmode in ASReview LAB

Focus on what matters

No distractions, only the information you really need:

  • Title
  • Abstract
  • Hyperlink to full-text if the digital object identifier (DOI) is available in the data

That’s enough to make your decision if a record is relevant to you.

Zen of ElasDark ModeDOI

Dive into all ASReview’s features

ASReview LAB has many features that you might enjoy. Find out more on Read-the-Docs