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ASReview LAB Features

Connect with citation managers

ASReview is designed to connect with citation managers. Importing all your documents is a breeze. Even better, after you’re done screening, you can easily continue your work in your favorite citation manager.

  • Import .tsv, .csv, .ris or .xlsx files
  • Export .tsv, .csv, .ris or .xslx
  • Compatible with EndNote, Mendeley, Zotero and Refworks 
  • Compatible with Rayyan, Distiller, Covidence and so on
  • Compatible with Google Scholar and other search engines
Prepare Your DataCompatibility

Open Source Community

ASReview offers complete transparency and insight into how it all works.

  • Take a look under the hood of ASReview LAB
  • Follow and contribute to the development
  • Discussion forum
  • A-Z documentation

From the source code of the algorithms behind ASReview LAB to all the scripts behind the plug-ins, you can find it all on GitHub and read-the-docs.   

Community and code of ASReview can be found on GitHub

Dive into all ASReview’s features

ASReview LAB has many features that you might enjoy. Find out more on Read-the-Docs