The importance of abstracts

  The ASReview tool offers effective, reliable and transparent title-abstract screening. It combines machine (deep) learning models with active learning.The tool can reduce the number of titles you will have to screen by up to 90%. We know that the performance of the ASReview tool increases massively with the available share of publications including abstracts…

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Screen many papers with ASReview

The story behind ELAS

Hey there! My name is Joukje Willemsen and I’m the creator of ELAS (the icon of ASReview) and the illustrations on the website. ASReview uses active learning and artificial intelligence, which can sound intimidating. Therefore, the challenge of designing the logo, was to capture both a modern and futuristic touch, while still being open and…

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Grant awarded by NWO

The call ‘Corona: fast-track data’ is developed by the NWO to provide funding for projects that collect data that can only be conducted now, during the COVID-19 crisis, and specifically research into issues that arise in society during the crisis. The ASReview project was one of the awardees of these NWO fast grants with our…

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