A new meeting is being planned for the end of 2022. More information will follow soon!

ASReview Users Meeting

The aim of the ASReview Users Meeting is to bring together people who use one of the many subprojects within the ASReview universe. The goal is to meet each other, share information, learn about new developments and discuss solutions to typical problems. 

The meeting will take place on location. To facilitate catering (coffee, tea, lunch, drinks at the end) and for arranging the administration, we ask participants for a fee:

  • Meeting: 50 euros with a 50% discount for bachelor-, master-, PhD-students;
  • Pre-conference workshops: 25 euros each;
  • Conference dinner: 50 euros.
  • Registration closes on Monday June 27 (1200 CET)

Who, When, Where?


Want to donate to ASReview?Anybody can participate; whether you have brilliant ideas, love statistics (or not!), or just want to listen to the great adventures in the ASReview-universe, you are very welcome! It is all about learning and improving your skills. You can also meet new people, who can introduce you to awesome new insights, or ways of working.

Maybe you will meet your next co-author, funder, or best-Elas-buddy.


Friday July 1st (2022) with pre-conference presentations and a conference diner on June 30.

2022/07/01 09:00:00


Utrecht University, The Netherlands. Or more specifically, Van Lier and Eggink room in the Administration Building.

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Thursday (June 30): Pre-conference Workshops (Digital)
  • 900-1200 Workshop 1: Explore v.1.0 in the Oracle Mode (review an unlabelled dataset using Active Learning)
  • 1300-1600 workshop 2: Explore v1.0 in the Simulate Mode (evaluate the performance of different Active Learning models on labeled data).
Thursday (June 30): Conference diner
  • 1800 diner (by registration); Location: Utrecht City Center (exact location t.b.a)
Friday (July 1): Users Meeting (on location)
  • 9.00 Coffee/tea
  • 9.25 Opening by Rens van de Schoot
  • 9.30 Start presentations session 1
  • 10.50 Break
  • 11.10 Start presentations session 2
  • 12.00 Lunch (included)
  • 13.00 Start presentations session 3
  • 14.30 Break
  • 14.40 Start presentations session 3
  • 16.00 Drinks

Confirmed speakers

Session 1
  • 930-950: Human-centered AI through interactive user interfaces – by Yongchao Terry Ma (front-end developer at the ASReview project)
  • 950-1010: Work fast but reproducible with ASReview – by Jan de Boer and Felix Weijdema (Information specialists at the University library)
  • 1010-1030: The importance of open abstracts for ASReview – by Bianca Kramer (open-science expert at the University Library)
  • 1030-1050: Snowballing with Elas: Are databases really all you need? – by Max van Haastrecht (Leiden University)
Session 2
  • 1110-1130: A discussion on reproducibility in Active Learning – by Jonathan de Bruin (Open-source software expert at Utrecht University)
  • 1130-1150: The MEGA-meta project  – Marlies Brouwer (Center for Mental Urban Health)
  • 1150-1210:Machine learning to support guideline development: noisy experts make noisy machine learning – Wouter Harmsen (epidemiologist evidence-based medicine at Federation of Medical Specialists)
  • 1210-1230: Screening more efficiently: ASReview to accelerate developing recommendations on medication safety – Suzan Gipmans (Geneesmiddel Informatie Centrum)
Session 3
  • 1300-1320: Boost your research with ODISSEI. How can the national research infrastructure support your work? – by Angelica Maineri  (Scientific Manager at ODISSEI)
  • 1320-1340: How does ASReview extract features from abstract text data? (Exploring feature extraction modules in ASReview) – by Ayoub Bagheri (machine learning expert at Utrecht University)
  • 1340-1400: From 300 to 3MB: the new ASReview data model – by Peter Lombaers (developer at ASReview and IdFuse)
  • 1400-1420: xxx – Georg Krempl (Utrecht University)
Session 4
  • 1440-1500:  Increasing performance with an artificial paradigm shift by switching models – by Jelle Teijema (PhD student at the ASReview project)
  • 1500-1520: Comparing text frequencies between animal and human scientific literature: Implications for automation of systematic reviews – by Cathalijn Leenaars (Principal Investigator at Hannover Medical School)
  • 1520-1540: Finding relevant articles for projects, researchers, and analysts using ASreview – Erik Vullings (Senior System Integrator at TNO)
  • 1540-1600: Towards a reliable stopping criterion for your review; a comparison of existing methods and future directions – Michiel Bron (Nationaal Politielab AI)

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