General terms and conditions for events organized BY Utrecht University, Faculty of Social Sciences FOR ASReview related events.















Article 1

In this agreement the following words shall have the following meanings:

Utrecht University, Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, hereafter UU FSS, as well as any person or legal entity and his/its authorized representatives with whom the event is jointly organized.

Participation agreement
The agreement whereby UU FSS offers the opportunity, for a certain period and under certain conditions, to participate in an event organized by UU FSS.

Participation conditions
The conditions that apply for the event as described on the ASReview website and any other publications about the relevant event.

Application form
The form, provided it has been filled out and authorized by the participant, is considered to be an irrevocable offer by the participant to participate in the event.

Any person or legal entity who/which has entered into an agreement with UU FSS by means of a participation agreement.

The event, congress, symposium, seminar, workshop, forum, or course which is the subject of the participation agreement.

Costs of participation:
The fee which, under the terms of the participation agreement, the participant must pay UU FSS to participate in the event.


Article 2

  1. This agreement is deemed to be an integral part of the participation agreement for in the event as concluded between the participant and UU FSS.
  2. Deviations from this agreement or the complete or partial exemption from any of the prohibitions or obligations specified in this agreement shall only apply if such deviation or exemption is stated in writing and signed by UU FSS, and/or if a supplementary agreement has been entered.
  3. Third parties who have not entered into a participation agreement cannot derive any rights from this agreement.




Article 3

  1. The organizers reserve the right to alter the dates, times and site of the event as listed in the conditions of participation or to cancel the event always, if this is a consequence of exceptional circumstances which have arisen through no fault of their own, without this giving the participants any right whatsoever to claim compensation from the organizers for any damages, in whatever form or for whatever reason such damages may have arisen.
  2. The special circumstances referred to in paragraph 1 include: insufficient interest on the part of participants, disagreement within the branches of industry concerned, fire, a national disaster, which circumstances, in the opinion of UU FSS and after weighing the interests of all parties, could endanger the success of the event.
  3. Changes in dates, times and site such as referred to above do not give participants the right to completely or partially cancel their applications.
  4. If the event is cancelled, then the applications shall be regarded as cancelled and any payments made by the participants for participation will be reimbursed, after deduction of expenses already incurred for the organization of the event up to a maximum of 20% of the total participation and administrative costs due. In all cases, the participant is required to reimburse fully all additional costs incurred by the organizers and made at the participant’s request relating to his participation.
  5. Under no circumstances can a participant claim any right to compensation from UU FSS for damages because of a decision such as described in paragraph 1 of this article.
  6. UU FSS reserves the right to ask any additional information from visitors and participants.
  7. In the case of cancellation at his own request, reimbursement of payment to the participant is not possible. The participant cannot claim compensation for any loss suffered directly or indirectly because of the provisions in this article.




Article 4

  1. During the agreed period the participant has the right of access to the space in which the event is held. This right is granted through a participant’s badge. The participant’s badge is strictly personal.
  2. Moreover, the participant has the right to receive the proceedings, if published, of the relevant event.
  3. Moreover, the participant has the right to attend any other joint sessions, if organized during the event, such as lunches, coffee and tea breaks, receptions, dinners and trips, unless UU FSS has determined that participating in one of the above events is not free of charge. If the participant pays for these additional costs, he may also attend these extra sessions.
  4. In the case of cancellation at his own request, reimbursement of payment to the participant is not possible. The participant can appoint another person as participant.
  5. If the participant does not attend the event, he will retain his right to receive the proceedings, provided that UU FSS has received the full amount due for participation.




Article 5

  1. The application to participate in an event must be submitted on an application form which is made available to the participant through the internet. If this form is authorized by an employee who is not empowered to commit the participant concerned, UU FSS will consider this to be the authorization of an authorized person and will therefore require the participant to accept all consequences arising from this application.
  2. Filling out and submitting the application form is deemed to be an irrevocable offer by the participant to participate in the event. This offer shall be deemed accepted by UU FSS.
  3. Where appropriate UU FSS may decide to offer the participant the possibility to choose between participation for the duration of the entire event or only a part thereof. In such cases, the participant can make his choice known on the application form and the provisions in paragraph 1. and 2. of this article shall also apply.
  4. In exceptional cases, the organizers may decide that an application will not be accepted.


Article 6

  1. The participation fee is payable in one instalment.
  2. 100% of the amount for participation within 14 days of the date of the invoice.
  3. If the participation agreement is dated less than 14 days before the start of the event, the due amount is payable immediately, or must have been received by the organizers before the first day of the event.
  4. In exceptional cases the organizer can decide to offer a discount for early bookings.
  5. The participant is liable for all fees payable to UU FSS regarding his participation, irrespective whether these costs were occasioned by the participant himself of by third parties on his behalf.
  6. UU FSS is entitled to set off payments made in respect of participation to reduce still unpaid claims against the participant arising from previous participation.
  7. If a participant has not paid the amounts due within the specified period, the organizers retain the right to refuse him access to the event, without prejudice to the organizer’s right to claim full payment of these amounts.
  8. In the situation as referred to under paragraph 5 of this article, no restitution can be claimed of amounts already paid.
  9. Payments which the participant claims he is due from UU FSS may not be offset against the payments which are owed to UU FSS by the participant. Neither can the participant claim a right to suspend performance in respect of such payments.




Article 8

Without the written permission of or on behalf of the organizers, the participant is not permitted to:

  1. Conduct a survey amongst the visitors and participants of the event within the complex used for the event or on the surrounding grounds or premises.
  2. Carry out activities which, in the opinion of the organizers, cause damage or negatively affect the event as a collective manifestation, even if these activities are not directed at one or more specific participants or groups thereof. All this insofar as the activities cannot be regarded as customary in normal competitive relationships.




Article 9

  1. The organizers, managers, their authorized representatives and the staff of the complex or event cannot be held liable for any damages, of whatever nature, occurring as a result of damage to or loss of goods, nor for any damages arising from any other defects in the accommodation or the surrounding grounds, nor for any damage to goods or persons arising from any cause whatsoever, if and insofar as such damage or loss is not covered by third party liability insurance taken out by the organizers.
  2. The participant is liable for and is obliged to take out insurance against all damage of whatsoever nature or harm occasioned to persons working for the organizers and/or the staff working in the complex, and he is required to indemnify the organizers and the staff of the complex from all claims which others may exercise against the organizers and/or the staff of the complex.
  3. UU FSS is not liable for any damage, of whatsoever nature and under whatever title, suffered directly or indirectly by the participant, including consequential losses and damage because of theft, vandalism or whatever other cause, if such damage is caused by third parties.
  4. The participant shall indemnify UU FSS against all claims made by third parties for damage, of whatsoever nature and under whatever title, caused by the participant himself.




Article 10

  1. The organizers are entitled, without any legal intervention, to take one or more of the following steps and measures, if necessary, at the expense of the participant, against any participant who acts contrary to any of the provisions of this agreement or the participation conditions or who fails to comply with any instruction issued by or on behalf of the organizers:
  2. to withdraw the participator’s badge issued to him and to deny that person involved access to the event with immediate effect.
  3. to exclude the participant involved from participation in any events to be organized in the future.




Article 11

If the participant fails to comply with any regulations, conditions or instructions UU FSS has given or will give, then UU FSS is entitled to take the necessary measures at the expense and risk of the participant, to ensure that such regulations, conditions or instructions will be fulfilled, or to exclude the participating organization from the event.


Article 12

  1. UU FSS can accept no liability for damage or loss, under whatever name, whether suffered directly or indirectly by the participant, including damage due to theft, destruction or whatever other cause, if this damage or loss is caused by third parties.
  2. The participant shall indemnify UU FSS against all claims from third parties, for damage or loss, under whatever name, caused by the participant himself.


Article 13

The participant who is entering the event on a student fee, must deliver a written proof of status at registration on the events first day, otherwise low fees will not be validated.


Article 14

In the case of events which, in accordance with the participation agreement, are subject to special conditions, these conditions are deemed to be incorporated into this agreement. Insofar as they conflict with or deviate from this agreement, the provisions of the special conditions shall prevail.


Article 15

If the provisions of this agreement conflict with or deviate from the conditions stated on the application form, then, if this application resulted in a participation agreement, the conditions of the application shall prevail. Alterations and additions made by the participant himself will only be valid if these have the express written approval of UU FSS.


Article 16
In all cases not provided for in this agreement the decision of UU FSS will be final.


Article 17


  1. All disputes arising between UU FSS and a participant regarding the participation agreement, this agreement, or any other agreement which was entered by the parties, shall be decided by the competent court in Utrecht in accordance with the laws of the Netherlands.
  2. All legal costs incurred by UU FSS in the context of the present agreement will be entirely for the account of the participant and will be set as a penalty for an amount calculated based on the collection rates of the Netherlands Bar Association (NOVA).




Article 18

All cancellations should be made in writing to the organization. If notification is received two weeks before the start of the event a refund will be made. If notification is received after this date, there will be no refund for calculations made. Partial refunding might take place after consultation with the organizers and only when approved by the organizers.

At any time, the organization has the right to decide whether the event will be canceled or held completely online due to any COVID-related cause. Part of the fee that was allocated to in-person location costs will be refunded in that case. Please note that, unfortunately, any travel or housing-related expenses incurred cannot be refunded by the organizers.