Symposium: The Future of AI-aided Systematic Reviewing

The aim of the symposium is to bring together people who are working on the next generation of AI-aided systematic review open-source software. The goal is to meet, share information, learn about new developments and discuss solutions to typical problems. 

The meeting will take place on location. The meeting is for free thanks to a grant from the alliance TU/e, WUR, UU, UMC Utrecht. In this alliance, the four institutions combine their expertise to contribute to social transitions in health, food, energy, and sustainability.

Although the meeting is free, registration is still required.

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Who, When, Where?


Anybody can participate; whether you have brilliant ideas, love statistics (or not!), or just want to listen to the great adventures about AI, you are very welcome! It is all about learning and improving your skills. You can also meet new people who can introduce you to awesome new insights or ways of working. We keep the number of participants low (~40) to stimulate interactions and discussion.


Friday, August 26 (2022)

2022/08/26 13:00:00


Paushuize, old city center Utrecht – The Netherlands

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Friday (August 26): Users Meeting (on location)
  • 12.30 Coffee/tea
  • 12.50 Introduction
  • 13.00 Start presentations session 1
  • 14.00 Break
  • 14.30 Start presentations session 2
  • 15.30 Break
  • 16.00 Start presentations session 3
  • 16.45 Drinks and fingerfood

Confirmed speakers

Session 1
  • Introduction (Prof. Dr. Rens van de Schoot – co-founder of ASReview)
  • Why do we need an AI-aided pipeline? The case of dosage recommendations for children (by Tjiskte van der Zanden – managing director Dutch Pediatric Formulary & Jolien Freriksen – post-doc Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology and coordinating the Nijmegen-AI voucher project)
  • Saving time and sanity by accelerating the screening process of Systematic Literature Reviews (By Prof.dr. Rens van de Schoot – co-founder of ASReview)
  • Introducing CROSSROAD (Challenging Rediscovery On Scientific Systematic Reviews with OpenAlex Data) (by Tijmen Altena –  founder at IDfuse & Peter Lombaers – engineer at IDfuse&ASReview)
Session 2
Session 3
  • MARGOT: A web server for the automatic extraction of arguments from text (by Andrea Galassi scientist at MARGOT)

  • Automated data extraction: the Metapsy meta-analytic database of randomized-controlled psychotherapy trials (by Pim Cuijpers – founder of metapsy and full professor at the Vrije Universiteit)
  • Reflections by a random person (by Prof. Daniel Oberski – Task leader ODISSEI social data science team)

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