Symposium: Trustworthy and Responsible AI-Aided Development of Medical Guidelines

The aim of the symposium is to bring together people who are working on Trustworthy and Responsible AI-Aided Development of Medical Guidelines. The goal is to meet, share information, and make plans to together gather large amounts of high-quality data to facilitate AI-Aided Development of Medical Guidelines. 


The meeting will take place on location. The meeting is for free thanks to a grant from the alliance TU/e, WUR, UU, UMC Utrecht. In this alliance, the four institutions combine their expertise to contribute to social transitions in health, food, energy, and sustainability.

Although the meeting is free, registration is still required.

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Who, When, Where?


Anybody who works on medical guideline development. It is all about working together towards Trustworthy and Responsible AI-Aided Development of Medical Guidelines. You can also meet new people who work on the same things and possibly can introduce you to awesome new insights or ways of working. We keep the number of participants low (~30) to stimulate interactions and discussion.


Friday, June 14 (2024)

2024/06/14 13:00:00


Utrecht University Hall, old city center Utrecht – The Netherlands

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Friday (June 14):
  • 13.00 Coffee/tea
  • 13.30 Introduction and getting to know each other
  • 14.00 Introduction about TRAM project – by Rens van de Schoot
  • 14.30 Discussion on data in TRAM – by Duco Veen
  • 15.00 BREAK
  • 15.15 Talk on open access availability of data – by Bianca Kramer
  • 16.00 Drinks and fingerfood

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