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Hackathon announcements

Hackathon ASReview for Follow the Money

Investigating the communication between multinational oil and gas company Shell and the Dutch government.

In light of the recently launched Special Interest Group of Applied Data Science, the ASReview-team is organizing a hackathon! To investigate the communication between multinational oil and gas company Shell and the Dutch government, Follow the Money (FTM) is gathering and scrutinizing many many documents. Find the preliminary program here.

Goal & Hackathon Tracks

The goal of the Hackathon is to help FTM find the relevant documents sooner by using active learning instead of randomly reading all documents. There are many things that can be done to help FTM, but within this Hackathon, you could focus on:

  1. Data-preprocessing: Pre-processing the data and automatic cleaning, so it can be used for text-mining and other Active Learning solutions. If successful, your script would be the starting point of all the steps that follow in the investigation. Everything starts with clean data!
  2. Visualization: Visualizing the data, see for example this semantic clustering for the Covid-19 papers. Will your visuals be used to showcase the hidden connections? 
  3. Smart Screening: The goal of the third track is to provide FTM with a pipeline that allows for faster screening of the documents. For example, instead of randomly reading one document after another, it would be far more helpful to read documents ranked by relevance. 

More information on the tracks can be found here.

Note. As many more documents are expected to arrive soon, keep in mind that the proposed solutions should also be general enough to fit these new documents as well!

The ultimate goal is to ​implement the scripts and ideas developed during the Hackathon for FTM to be built upon and extended for future projects as well.

Who, When, Where?


Anybody who wants to contribute can participate; whether you have brilliant ideas, love visualization, or just want to code on a new project, the floor is yours! You can register as a team, or as an individual.

  • No worries if you don’t feel like hacking all the time, you can follow your own planning during the weekend.
  • It is all about learning and improving your skills. You can also meet new people, who can introduce you to awesome new packages, or ways of working. 



Friday evening 26-11 until Sunday afternoon 28-11.



Online! The definite platform for communication and meetings is still to be determined 🙂 We’ll keep you updated!


How do you register?

There are only 25 participants admitted per track, so don’t wait too long and register today! We welcome participants on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

Credits due where credits due

You will always receive credit for your work. Moreover, because we are strong proponents of Open Science, we will be working on a specific GitHub organization specifically designed for the Hackathon under an MIT license. After the hackathon, the best scripts from each tracks will be merged into ASReview, while still crediting your original work. By participating, you agree with working under these conditions.

This event has passed

See what participants created here!

Preliminary program

Time What? Where? Details
16:00 Open Doors GatherTown Participants are welcome to explore the GatherTown rooms
18:00 Welcome Auditorium By Prof. Rens Van De Schoot (CEO Of ASReview)
18:15 Intro To The Data Auditorium By Dimitri Tokmetzis and Bas Van Beek (Data Journalists at Follow The Money)
18:45 Hackathon Explanation Auditorium By track leads
19:00 Dinner-time Take a break, stretch your legs, or join the moderators at the dining table in the common room!
20:00 Let’s Make Teams Track Common Room Gather in your track common room and meet your track leader. After the introduction, it is time to make teams for those who want to be part of a team!
21:00 DELIVERABLE 1 Google Sheet Submit your team name and the name of the Team Captain* via the file that your track lead has sent you earlier this evening, 
Start Planning The Hack Track Common Room / Track Workspace Get a head start for the hacking day to come or take this time to ask your track leader for their best pancake recipe.


*As the team captain, you are the contact-person of your team.

Time What? Optional Program Where? Details
09:00 Hack Track Workspace Ready, Set, Code! 

Your track-moderator will be available to answer questions.

10:00 Hack Why Is Open Science So Important?


Auditorium By Bianca Kramer (Open Science Expert and president of Jupiter [You will find out how it came to this])
10:30 DELIVERABLE 2 GitHub Created a skeleton repository on the GitHub organization with the name as:


11:00 Hack The Quest Of Relevant Literature


Auditorium By Laura Hofstee & Sofie Van Den Brand (experts on systematic reviews)
12:00 Lunch
13:30 DELIVERABLE 3 Track Expert Office  First pitch of idea (max. 2 minutes)  + Feedback from track expert (max. 7 minutes)
15:00 Hack Having Fun Doing Some Puzzles


Auditorium By Prof. Daniel Oberski (Who explained all about having better Success Rates On Tinder)
16:00 Hack Staying Focused In Times Of Distraction! (15min) Auditorium By Prof. Stefan Van Der Stigchel (Author of the book “Concentration”) 
18:00 Hack Dinner Common room dining table The moderators will have dinner… will you join us?
19:00 Hack Track leads & experts retire for the day Track leads & experts retire for the day
Time What? Optional Lectures Where? Details
08:00 Wake Up Sunshine Fresh start of the day with some early morning exercises (15min) Auditorium By Prof. Rens van de Schoot (CEO of ASReview)
08:45 Hack Track Workspace Finalize your code and prepare for the presentation.
11:00 Deadline 4 GitHub Deliverables:

Github repository including:

  • Readme
  • Output: 
    • track 1: A clean dataset
    • track 2: Art-work
    • track 3: A way of smart screening.
  • Scripts
  • (if applicable: Data) 
11:00 Presentations  Track Class room Time to show your work in a 5 minute presentation!
12:30 Award Ceremony Auditorium A winner will be announced for each track (by Dimitri & Bas from Follow The Money) and give their 5 minute presentation for all of the participants.
13:00 Ending Activity Auditorium Let’s mingle!

Let’s give Follow the Money a hand in a joint effort! 

This hackathon is made possible in cooperation with the recently launched Special Interest Group of Applied Data Science at Utrecht University and ODISSEI – the national research infrastructure for the social sciences in the Netherlands

ODISSEI collaboration with ASReview