Work in the Community Room

Join us in our mission to advance the state-of-the-art in fast, open, and trustworthy human-AI interaction for screening, processing, and analyzing large volumes of text data. By working in our community room, you’ll have the opportunity to collaborate with and work along side leading researchers, industry partners, and other organizations on cutting-edge projects aimed at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of knowledge synthesis across a wide range of fields. Our mission is to foster a collaborative and inclusive learning environment, and our community-oriented approach allows us to more easily collaborate with partners, secure funding for innovative projects, and have fun while doing it.

The meetings are free, but organizing it is not. To facilitate the meetings, we ask participants for a donation via the university’s crowdfunding platform.

Who, When, Where?


Data scientists, researchers, users of the software, information specialists, bachelor-, master-, and PhD students, research software engineers, AI-enthusiasts, anybody can participate


Every Thursday, 9.00-17.00 (CEST)

2023/11/09 09:00:00


AI-Lab Community Room – Located in the old University Library – Entrance at the Drift 27 – Room 0.21 – Utrecht, The Netherlands.

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